Fenrir Leather and Pearl Bracelet

Sale price$60.00
Size: S - 19 cm
Ring Size

Ring size US to mm



 Joint Circumference in Milimeter
Size 6 55.0 - 57.9 mm
Size 7 58.0 - 60.5 mm
Size 8 60.6 - 63.2 mm
Size 9 63.3 - 65.6 mm
Size 10 66.3 - 68.2 mm
Size 11 68.3 - 71.4 mm
Size 12 71.5 - 73.4 mm
Sale price$60.00


At Northern Legacy, we take strength seriously – it's not just a feature; it's our commitment. Crafted from premium materials, our chains are built to endure the most demanding challenges.

Whether it's a curls and a trip to the sauna, a car driving over them, or a day submerged in cola, our chains not only survive but continue to look fresh. They're your trusted companion for a life filled with adventure.

Our chains are designed to:

✅ Brave intense workouts and showers with ease.
✅ Complement an active, outdoor lifestyle perfectly.
✅ Be worn daily without a second thought.

Northern Legacy chains aren't just accessories; they're a symbol of durability and resilience.


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Sleek bracelet for men in leather and beads

The Fenrir Leather & Beads Bracelet is designed for the modern man who doesn't compromise on quality and style. This bracelet is a testament to masculine elegance, combined with natural elements, each carefully selected to ensure unmatched quality and unique beauty. By fusing the rugged and timeless genuine leather with the warm and earthy charm of red tiger's eye and black onyx stone beads, we create an accessory that is not just a fashion statement but an extension of the wearer's personality. This unique combination of materials is not arbitrary; it is a carefully considered choice to create a piece that can withstand the test of time while adding a touch of nature-inspired elegance to any wardrobe. With its modern twist on classic materials, the Fenrir Bracelet is the perfect representation of how traditional elements can be reinvented to match contemporary male aesthetics.

Beaded bracelet for guys with unique beads

Each bead in the Fenrir bracelet is carefully selected based on its unique beauty and quality, ensuring that each bracelet is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Natural beads like red tiger's eye and black onyx stone beads are known for their deep, rich colors and the unique luster they add to any piece of jewelry. This careful selection process guarantees that each bead not only contributes its individual charm but also a deeper meaning and energy valued in many cultures around the world. By wearing the Fenrir bracelet, one not only wears a beautiful piece of jewelry but also a symbol of the earth's natural beauty and the powerful properties that these stones represent. This connection to nature and its timeless beauty is what makes the Fenrir Bracelet a true statement piece for any man who appreciates unique style and substance in his accessories.

Strong clasp in the bracelet made for him

The Fenrir Bracelet's clasp in 316L stainless steel with built-in magnet is not just a functional component; it is a key element in the design that emphasizes the bracelet's modern aesthetics and practicality. This type of clasp is chosen for its strength and reliability, ensuring that the bracelet can be easily put on and taken off without compromising the security of it staying on the wrist through various activities. This combination of functionality and design integrity is what sets the Fenrir Bracelet apart from other jewelry on the market. It is not just a piece of jewelry but a practical part of the man's daily wardrobe, designed to complement his lifestyle and express his personal style. The strong magnetic clasp is a discreet but powerful reminder of the engineering and craftsmanship behind each bracelet, making it an ideal choice for the man who appreciates both aesthetics and functionality in his accessory choices.

Bracelet for men of genuine leather

The choice of genuine leather in the braiding of the Fenrir Bracelet is a tribute to classic craftsmanship and durability. The leather is selected for its high quality and ability to age gracefully, meaning the bracelet only becomes more beautiful over time. The natural texture and warmth of the leather add an element of raw masculinity to the bracelet, making it a striking and stylish choice for any man. Genuine leather is known for its durability, and when properly cared for, it can withstand the daily challenges and continue to look good year after year. This makes the Fenrir Bracelet an investment in quality and style that lasts, a symbol of the man's connection to traditional craftsmanship values while also representing a modern understanding of design and functionality.

The significance of the beads - tiger's eye and onyx stones

Red tiger's eye and black onyx stone beads are not randomly chosen for the Fenrir Bracelet; they are carefully selected for their symbolic values and aesthetic beauty. Tiger's eye, with its warm, golden luster, has long been valued for its connection to courage, strength, and protection. It helps the wearer find balance and clarity, especially in challenging times. Black onyx, with its deep, mysterious beauty, offers strength and is said to provide the power to stand firm in the face of any challenge. Together, these stones create a powerful alliance in the Fenrir Bracelet, making it more than just a fashion accessory; it becomes a personal power center for the wearer. This deep connection between the stones' aesthetic and symbolic values adds an extra dimension to the bracelet's significance, making it a source of personal strength and inspiration.

The bracelet is designed for men with an active lifestyle

To maintain the beauty and quality of the Fenrir Leather & Beads Bracelet, proper care and maintenance are important. Although the design is created to withstand everyday use, careful handling will ensure that the bracelet remains a valuable piece in your collection. Avoid prolonged exposure to water, as it can affect both the leather and the integrity of the beads. Direct sunlight can also discolor the beads and leather over time. By storing the bracelet in a cool, dry place when not in use and regularly wiping it with a soft cloth, you can ensure that your Fenrir bracelet remains as good as new. This simple care routine is the key to preserving both the aesthetic and functional aspects of the bracelet, ensuring that it can continue to be worn with pride and confidence.

Make your style unique and personal

The Fenrir Leather & Beads Bracelet is not just a piece of jewelry; it is a statement of personal style, quality awareness, and a connection to nature's unparalleled beauty. With its unique blend of genuine leather, hand-selected natural beads, and a functional magnetic clasp, this bracelet offers an unparalleled combination of design, quality, and significance. It represents the modern man's ability to choose accessories that not only complement his wardrobe but also express his individual values and aesthetics. The Fenrir Bracelet is a choice for those who appreciate craftsmanship and authenticity, for those who understand that true style is more than superficial fashion – it is an expression of personality, strength, and integrity.

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