GUIDE: How to style your silver necklaces with your outfit

GUIDE: How to style your silver necklaces with your outfit

Silver is full of possibilities. Just as salt suits all food and gives it an extra punch, silver is also a multifaceted metal that can be put together in many ways and paired with most kinds of clothing. Nevertheless, here are some styling tips for best highlighting silver necklaces for men through your clothing choices.

Go for a casual look

If you're going for a casual outfit, you should probably refrain from too many details and big jewelry. Instead, go for a simple men's silver necklace. You can pair it with a basic t-shirt, either solid color or with a minimalist pattern.

If you want to take the look a notch up and make it more business casual, you can add a polo shirt. However, be aware that a silver chain on a man in a polo shirt may become a mess if you don't maneuver it around the collar. This may also require a men's silver necklace with a longer chain, so you still maintain the vibe.

Go Bohemian

We mentioned the casual look before. But you can also take it a step further with a bohemian outfit that embraces everything that's effortless, relaxed, and informal. It can also overlap with the style characteristic of surfers.

Is this the kind of look you love? Then go for relaxed jeans and a loose shirt - preferably in earthy colors. On the jewelry front, you'll need a long men's silver necklace, preferably with a pendant. The length is crucial to emphasizing the style.

Stay trendy

Trendy is a word many throw around when it comes to fashion. It's all about which kinds of trends and ideas are popular and latest. If you want to add a trendy vibe to your jewelry, the advice is: layer! It works not only to keep warm in the autumn months but is also what's hot right now in men's silver chains.

The idea is to use multiple silver chains for a man's outfit, all varying in appearance and length. In this way, a more styled outfit is created. You can advantageously pair the double necklaces with a leather or denim jacket.

Keep it formal

If you're going to an important meeting, a formal event or generally are the tie-wearing type, you should keep your jewelry style in the same vein. Therefore, simple pieces with simple and elegant designs may be the way forward. The jewelry should not grab attention or steal eyes away from you - instead, they should just underline your professional look. You can easily find a wide selection of silver chains for men, which stay within the minimalist realm, and which would fit well in a formal setting.

... and one last tip before you go

Colors also matter! If you want your necklace to stand out and be noticed, keep the background behind them in neutral and dark colors, so the bright and cool silver really pops. This way, your necklace plays a central role in your outfit.

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