Find your new favorite necklace

Find your new favorite necklace

What piece of bling should you throw around your neck? If you lack accessories to complete your outfit and look, some metal is not a bad idea. Gold necklaces for men are a timeless and classic piece of jewelry that adds warmth and elegance to your style.

What to consider

But where do you start? Men's gold necklaces are a huge market, and of course, you can just grab the first and best thing that you think looks good. But then you could potentially encounter other problems when you get the jewelry home and have to try it out with your entire wardrobe.

Spare yourself the trouble. We'll help. Here instead are a few good points to consider before investing in the dream piece of jewelry:

Chain length

Most men's gold chains can be found in two standard sizes, which are the most seen within men's fashion – either the chain lands in the middle of the collarbone or around the chest. It's less common to see chokers or short gold chains for men. But such a piece is of course also an option if you've fallen madly in love with a look with short necklaces.

Among these variations, you need to consider what expression you want to go for. Long gold chains for men are best suited with a pendant that can weigh it down. However, it may block any motifs on your t-shirts and blouses if you like tops with prints.

Finally, there's just the simple fact: it's a long chain. It can get in the way of work or get caught in fingers if you have a very active day. So if you're the type who is very busy, you should think through whether such a length is the right one.

With or without pendant

The next thing to consider when venturing into men's gold necklaces is whether there should be a pendant. A pendant is obvious for long chains because it brings weight, so the chain doesn't swing around and back and forth – at least not as much.

But it's also super trendy with men's gold chains without a pendant. These are usually shorter, and there's a more advanced design in the chain because it stands alone.

What pendant is you? Here it's just about interests and preferences. Perhaps you're an adherent of Norse religion or love medieval markets? Then Thor's hammer could be the obvious choice. You can also get many other symbols, e.g., a compassa cross, runes, trees, and other abstract things.

Find an affordable price

Because of the material, men's gold necklaces can be on the more expensive side, so you might have to live off ketchup and pasta screws for the rest of the month. Therefore, the budget is also worth keeping in mind. You can also save on the price by choosing jewelry with a lower carat gold, mixed materials, or a more minimal design.

An alternative, if you want to lighten your wallet, is that you could instead invest in gold-toned jewelry. These are PVD-coated and have the same golden look but can be created cheaper and more durable.

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