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A cross chain symbolizes faith, hope, and love

The cross is still one of the most used and most recognizable symbols in our society today. Many different subcultures have borrowed the symbolic values of the cross in their adornments to express their profound dedication, which does not necessarily have anything to do with a deep relationship with religion. This applies, for example, to countless of the greatest artists throughout time. A cross necklace thus symbolizes faith, hope, and love across different cultures - believers or not - although the design of the cross naturally originates from the biblical story.

Complete the look with a gold- or silver-toned cross necklace

If you add a cross necklace to your outfit, you almost always have a completed look. A solid-color cross necklace is easy to match with the essential elements in any wardrobe. This is especially true for the necklaces you can see here on this page.

The cross necklaces from Northern Legacy's current collection are designed based on a design philosophy that rests on a simple expression and fits perfectly into the contemporary fashion image. Our cross necklace for men comes in both a silver-toned design, which is always a stylish choice, and a gold-toned design, which perhaps appeals more to you if you want a more striking chain that can add a raw edge to your personal appearance.

Cross chain for men - a classic gift

Since the cross is a symbol of love, among other things, a cross necklace is a popular gift to give on special occasions. Our necklaces represent a slightly more modern version of the cross necklace with a little extra length, which makes the chain more usable as a modern fashion statement. And even though many of our designs originate from symbolism thousands of years old, you get a cross necklace here that is anything but boring.

A cross necklace is a piece of jewelry with strong symbolism

Through countless generations, the easily recognizable cross has been a symbol of faith, and therefore it has also influenced adornments of different character on everything from jewelry, armor, buildings, and clothing to tattoos and more. It is not necessarily a faith that is anchored in a religious conviction, as the cross also symbolizes a certain strength in belief in one's own values and an unconditional love - and this does not necessarily originate from Christianity.

In fact, necklaces with crosses in different forms have been used long before it became commonly known as a Christian symbol. And the Vikings indeed wore their cross chains side by side with symbols that were rooted in Nordic mythology and symbolism. So if you're looking for a reinterpreted classic with edge and history, our cross necklaces in silver or gold design could very well be something for you.